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Raccoon Dog is the user who is currently active on Wikipedia and enjoys editing documents in the kind of fields like North Korea, Computer, Natural Science. I'm learning many programming languages like Java, JavaScript, C++. Even though I'm still flawed, I will contribute to fixing coding problems on Wikipedia as possible as I can.

If you would like to discuss any ideologies with me, I'm sorry to disallow that, because I guess that you may wonder whether I like North Korea (And this question is really so typical.) or Socialism. In fact, they may want to get thoughts about whether I want North Korean Socialism - that is called Juche Idea. Well, before asking questions like those, you should take into account. Draw students in the department of North Korea or Japanese in your brain. So, can you ask them "Do you like Socialism, or Do you like Animes and act like Otaku?." Interest is just Interest, do not strive to interpret facts with your own way.

Korean Wikipedia must get rid of much stigmas of harshness and unkindness, which made many users on Wikipedia gone and became the reason why we are always thirsty due to the lack of beginners! We should suppose that novices from everywhere have an intention that improves and develops Wikipedia better, and eventually, they bring an innovation out. Furthermore, we should consider intermediates who desire useful and *NOT* too hard information to read. Articles can be professional, but cannot be too Specialised. That means unless someone has had major classes concerning explanations of those, he/she can't comprehend those. It causes they just close their windows of web browser and stop surfing those.

Welcome to Korean Wikipedia! With me, let us open a new era in the 2020s!

What documents did I create/contribute?[편집]

What documents did I translate?[편집]

What documents will I create/contribute?[편집]

What documents will I translate?[편집]

If I need something else ...

I don't know surely whether these documents in Korean will be perfect and full by translating them or be not, because even English documents may also have insufficient information. But I think, Existence is much better than Nothing. I have felt uncomfortable from nothing. In case someone can see additional knowledge just with searching words in Korean, ... If those can become subtle influencers, ...

Documents which require extended contents with the translation[편집]