Face to Face (킹크스의 음반)

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Face to Face
킹크스스튜디오 음반
발매일1966년 10월 28일
장르팝 록
길이38분 31초

Face to Face》는 1966년 10월 28일에 발매된 킹크스의 음반이다.

곡 목록[편집]

Side one
#제목재생 시간
1.Party Line2:35
2.Rosy Won't You Please Come Home2:34
4.Too Much on My Mind2:28
5.Session Man2:14
6.Rainy Day in June3:10
7.A House in the Country3:03
Side two
#제목재생 시간
1.Holiday in Waikiki2:52
2.Most Exclusive Residence for Sale2:48
4.Little Miss Queen of Darkness3:16
5.You're Lookin' Fine2:46
6.Sunny Afternoon3:36
7.I'll Remember2:27
1998 and 2004 CD reissue bonus tracks
#제목재생 시간
15.I'm Not Like Everybody Else3:29
16.Dead End Street3:23
17.Big Black Smoke2:36
18.Mister Pleasant3:01
19.This Is Where I Belong2:26
20.Mr. Reporter (previously unreleased)3:58
21.Little Women (previously unreleased)2:11
2011 Sanctuary Records deluxe edition Disc 1 (mono) bonus tracks
#제목재생 시간
15.Dead End Street3:24
16.Big Black Smoke2:35
17.This Is Where I Belong2:27
18.She's Got Everything3:11
19.Little Miss Queen of Darkness (alternative take)3:22
20.Dead End Street (early acetate version)2:56
2011 Sanctuary Records deluxe edition Disc 2 (stereo) bonus tracks
#제목재생 시간
15.This Is Where I Belong2:46
16.Big Black Smoke2:51
17.She's Got Everything3:10
18.You're Looking Fine (alternative stereo mix)2:53
19.Sunny Afternoon (alternative stereo mix, no fade-out)3:49
20.Fancy (alternative stereo mix, fade-out extended)2:57
21.Little Miss Queen of Darkness (alternative stereo mix)3:22
22.Dandy (alternative stereo mix)2:15
2011 Sanctuary Records deluxe edition bonus disc
#제목재생 시간
1.Party Line2:38
2.Rosie Won't You Please Come Home2:36
4.Too Much on My Mind2:32
5.Session Man2:14
6.Rainy Day in June3:20
7.A House in the Country3:08
8.Holiday in Waikiki2:50
9.Most Exclusive Residence for Sale2:58
11.Little Miss Queen of Darkness3:20
12.I'll Remember2:33


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