XML 스키마

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XML 스키마(XML schema)는 XML 문서 타입에 대해 기술한 것이다.


언어 축약 버전 관련 기관
Constraint Language in XML CLiX 2005 독립[1]
Document Content Description facility for XML, an RDF framework[2] DCD v1.0 (1998) W3C (Note)
Document Definition Markup Language DDML v0 (1999) W3C (Note)
Document Structure Description DSD 2002, 2005 BRICS (파산)
문서 형식 정의 DTD 1986 (SGML) ISO[3]
2008 (XML) ISO/IEC[3]
Namespace Routing Language NRL 2003 Independent[4]
Namespace-based Validation Dispatching Language NVDL 2006 ISO/IEC[5]
Content Assembly Mechanism CAM 2007 OASIS
REgular LAnguage for XML Next Generation RELAX NG, RelaxNG 2001,[6] Compact Syntax (2002)[7] OASIS
v1 (2003), v1 Compact Syntax (2006), v2 (2008) ISO/IEC[5]
Schema for Object-Oriented XML SOX ? ?
Schematron N/A 2006 ISO/IEC[5]
XML-Data Reduced XDR ? ?
ASN.1 XML Encoding Rules XER ? ?
XML Schema WXS, XSD 1.0 (2004), 1.1 (2012) W3C

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