Return of the Champions

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Return of the Champions
퀸 + 폴 로저스스튜디오 음반
발매일2005년 9월 13일
길이1시간 41분 0초
레이블할리우드 레코드
퀸 + 폴 로저스 연표
Queen on Fire – Live at the Bowl Return of the Champions Stone Cold Classics

Return of the Champions》는 2005년 9월 13일에 발매된 퀸 + 폴 로저스의 음반이다. 할리우드 레코드에 의해 발매되었다.

곡 목록[편집]

Track List
#제목작사·작곡Original Album재생 시간
1.Reaching OutDon Black, Andy Hill  
2.Tie Your Mother DownBrian MayA Day at the Races (1976 / Queen) 
3.I Want to Break FreeJohn DeaconThe Works (1984 / Queen) 
4.Fat Bottomed GirlsMayJazz (1978 / Queen) 
5.Wishing WellFreeHeartbreaker (1973 / Free Album) 
6.Another One Bites the DustDeaconThe Game (1980 / Queen) 
7.Crazy Little Thing Called LoveFreddie MercuryThe Game 
8.Say It's Not True (Lead Vocals by Taylor)Roger TaylorThe Cosmos Rocks (2008) 
9.'39 (Lead Vocals by May)MayA Night at the Opera (1975 / Queen) 
10.Love of My Life (Lead Vocals by May)MercuryA Night at the Opera 
11.Hammer to Fall (Lead Vocals by May & Rodgers)MayThe Works 
12.Feel Like Makin' LovePaul Rodgers, Mick RalphsStraight Shooter (1975 / Bad Company) 
13.Let There Be DrumsSandy Nelson, Richard Podolor  
14.I'm in Love With My Car (Lead Vocals by Taylor)TaylorA Night at the Opera 
15.Guitar Solo (Brighton Rock)   
16.Last HorizonMayBack to the Light (1992 / Brian May) 
Track List
#제목작사·작곡Original Album재생 시간
1.These Are the Days of Our Lives (Lead Vocals by Taylor)TaylorInnuendo (1991 / Queen) 
2.Radio Ga Ga (Lead Vocals by Taylor & Rodgers)TaylorThe Works 
3.Can't Get EnoughRalphsBad Company (1974 / Bad Company) 
4.A Kind of MagicTaylorA Kind of Magic (1986 / Queen) 
5.I Want It All (Lead Vocals by Rodgers & May)MayThe Miracle (1989 / Queen) 
6.Bohemian Rhapsody (Pre-Recorded Vocals by Mercury, With Lead Vocals by Rodgers)MercuryA Night at the Opera 
7.The Show Must Go OnMayInnuendo 
8.All Right NowAndy Fraser, RodgersFire and Water (1970 / Free) 
9.We Will Rock YouMayNews of the World (1977 / Queen) 
10.We Are the ChampionsMercuryNews of the World 
11.God Save the QueenTraditional, Arr. MayA Night at the Opera 
DVD Tracks
#제목작사·작곡Original Album재생 시간
12.It's a Beautiful Day (Remix / Pre-Recorded Vocals by Mercury)MercuryMade in Heaven (1995 / Queen) 
13.Imagine (Live at Hyde Park / Lead Vocals by May, Taylor & Rodgers)John Lennon  


국가 인증 판매량/출하량
오스트레일리아 (ARIA)[1] 골드 7,500^
프랑스 (SNEP)[2] 골드 10,000*
독일 (BVMI)[3] 골드 25,000^
*판매량을 기반으로 한 인증
^출하량을 기반으로 한 인증


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