Noise for Music's Sake

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Noise for Music's Sake
네이팜 데스스튜디오 음반
발매일2003년 1월 1일
장르데스 메탈
네이팜 데스 연표
Punishment in Capitals Noise for Music's Sake Leaders Not Followers: Part 2

Noise for Music's Sake》는 2003년 1월 1일에 발매된 네이팜 데스의 음반이다.

곡 목록[편집]

#제목Album재생 시간
1.The KillScum0:20
3.You SufferScum0:01
5.HungFear, Emptiness, Despair3:48
6.AntibodyGreed Killing2:50
7.Unchallenged HateMass Appeal Madness2:07
8.Siege of PowerSuffer The Children3:32
9.Greed KillingGreed Killing3:04
10.Suffer the ChildrenHarmony Corruption4:20
11.Mass Appeal MadnessMass Appeal Madness3:28
12.Next of Kin to ChaosWords from the Exit Wound4:08
13.Judicial SlimeUtopia Banished2:37
14.Lucid FairytaleFrom Enslavement to Obliteration1:02
15.If the Truth Be KnownHarmony Corruption4:10
16.Plague RagesFear, Emptiness, Despair3:50
17.Social SterilityMass Appeal Madness1:12
18.From Enslavement to ObliterationFrom Enslavement to Obliteration1:35
19.LowpointInside the Torn Apart3:16
20.ContemptuousUtopia Banished4:22
22.The Chains that Bind UsHarmony Corruption4:06
23.Armageddon X 7Fear, Emptiness, Despair3:14
24.Breed to BreatheBreed to Breathe3:15
25.The World Keeps TurningThe World Keeps Turning3:17
26.The InfiltraitorWords from the Exit Wound4:30
27.Nazi Punks Fuck OffNazi Punks Fuck Off!1:27
총 재생 시간:76:38
#제목Album재생 시간
1.Rise AboveMentally Murdered2:41
2.Missing LinkMentally Murdered2:14
3.Mentally MurderedMentally Murdered2:09
4.Walls of ConfinementMentally Murdered2:55
5.Cause and EffectMentally Murdered1:23
6.No Mental EffortMentally Murdered4:08
7.Pride AssassinMass Appeal Madness2:05
8.Avalanche Master Song (featuring Godflesh, live at ICA, London, 1990년 6월 29일) 5:00
9.One and the SameUtopia Banished bonus disc1:47
10.Sick and TiredUtopia Banished bonus disc1:24
11.Malignant TraitUtopia Banished bonus disc2:17
12.Killing with KindnessUtopia Banished bonus disc2:01
13.Means to an EndThe World Keeps Turning2:56
14.Insanity ExcursionThe World Keeps Turning2:15
15.Truth DrugFear, Emptiness, Despair bonus track3:50
16.Living in DenialFear, Emptiness, Despair bonus track2:58
17.Food ChainsCoalesce split3:14
18.Upward and UninterestedCoalesce split2:24
19.I AbstainUtopia Banished Demo3:33
20.Politics of Common SenseAt the Gates split2:59
21.Internal AnimosityPathological compilation5:19
22.ScumNorth Atlantic Noise Attack compilation2:21
23.LifeNorth Atlantic Noise Attack compilation0:37
24.Retreat to NowhereNorth Atlantic Noise Attack compilation0:27
25.Remain Nameless (Pete Coleman original mixdown) 3:32
26.Twist the Knife (Slowly) (Pete Coleman original mixdown) 2:51
27.Deceiver (with Swanky's Intro, live in Wakken, Belgium, 1987년 7월 11일) 0:47
28.The Traitor (live at The Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 1986년 11월 1일) 3:23
29.Abattoir (live at The Mermaid, Birmingham, UK, 1986년 3월 30일) 3:12
총 재생 시간:76:56


전문가 평가
평가 점수
The Metal Forge9/10[2]


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