흐로닝언 대학교

흐로닝언 대학교
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
라틴어: Academia Groningana
표어Verbum Domini lucerna pedibus nostris
종류공립 대학교
위치흐로닝언주 흐로닝언
북위 53° 13′ 9″ 동경 6° 33′ 46″ / 북위 53.21917° 동경 6.56278°  / 53.21917; 6.56278
Map 흐로닝언 대학교의 위치
초대 학장인 업보 임미우스
19세기의 건물모습, 1858년
20세기의 건물모습, 2009

흐로닝언 대학교(네덜란드어: Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, 약칭: UG[1])는 1614년 네덜란드 흐로닝언에 세워진 공립대학교이다. 20만명 이상의 학생들이 졸업을 하였다. 유럽 대학교의 유명한 코임브라 그룹 회원학교이다.

유명 동문들[편집]

유명 동문들은 다음과 같다.[2]

  • Johann Heinrich Alting, theologian
  • Gerbrand Bakker, early 19th century physician
  • Johann Bernoulli, mathematician
  • Bart Bok, astronomer
  • Anita Buma, Antarctic researcher in marine ecophysiology
  • James Burnett
  • Job Cohen, former mayor of Amsterdam and former leader of the Dutch Labour Party
  • Willem de Sitter, astronomer
  • Wim Duisenberg, first president of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt studied at UG and obtained his PhD on the economics of disarmament
  • Ubbo Emmius, founder of the University of Groningen and first rector magnificus
  • Ben Feringa, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2016 for his work on molecular motors, professor of Chemistry
  • Pim Fortuyn, lecturer, later politician and founder of the Pim Fortuyn List (and assassinated in 2002)
  • Willem Frederik Hermans, lecturer and writer
  • Gerardus Heymans, philosopher and psychologist
  • Pieter Hofstede Crull, jurist, attorney-general of Suriname and acting governor
  • Peter Hofstee, professor of theoretical physics, joined IBM in 1996, currently the chief architect of the Synergistic Processor Element (SPE) of the Cell microprocessor.
  • Johan Huizinga, historian
  • Aletta Jacobs, first woman in the Netherlands to receive a MD
  • Klaas Knot, current President of the Dutch central bank De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB).[3]
  • Jaap Kunst, ethnomusicologist (studied law)
  • Wander Lowie, linguist
  • Wei Ji Ma, professor of psychology and neuroscience
  • Maurits van Oranje Nassau
  • John Nerbonne, professor of humanities computing, expert in dialectology, member of the Dutch Royal Academy of Science
  • Wubbo Ockels, first Dutch astronaut, received a PhD degree in physics and mathematics, 1973
  • Heike Kamerlingh Onnes, received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his experiments on the properties of matter at low temperatures which made, among other things, the production of liquid helium possible
  • Jan Oort, astronomer
  • Johannes Jacobus Poortman, philosopher, psychologist
  • Dagmar Reichardt, professor of Cultural Industry at University of Latvia
  • Edgars Rinkevics, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia
  • Henk G. Sol, Professor Business Engineering and ICT
  • Dirk Stikker, secretary general of NATO
  • Pieter Jelles Troelstra, lawyer, politician (early 20th century)
  • Hans van Abeelen, first Dutch behavior geneticist
  • Johan van Benthem, logician
  • Wietse Venema, programmer and physicist
  • Clemens von Bönninghausen, lawyer, botanist, homeopathic physician
  • Jacques Wallage, former mayor of Groningen
  • Paramanga Ernest Yonli, Prime Minister of Burkina Faso (2000–2007), studied Economics
  • Frits Zernike, professor of theoretical physics, received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his invention of the phase contrast optical microscope in 1953

유명 연구가[편집]

  • Cornelis de Bot, linguist
  • Paul van Geert, developmental psychologist
  • Wander Lowie, linguist
  • Wolfgang Stroebe, social psychologist
  • Marijn van Dijk, developmental psychologist
  • Marjolijn Verspoor, linguist


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참고 문헌[편집]

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