Under a Violet Moon

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Under a Violet Moon
블랙모어스 나이트스튜디오 음반
발매일1999년 5월 25일
장르켈틱 음악
블랙모어스 나이트 연표
Magical World Under a Violet Moon Fires at Midnight

Under a Violet Moon》는 1999년 5월 25일에 발매된 블랙모어스 나이트의 음반이다.

곡 목록[편집]

#제목작사·작곡재생 시간
1.Under a Violet MoonRitchie Blackmore, Candice Night4:23
2.Castles and DreamsBlackmore, Night3:33
3.Past Time with Good Companytrad. by King Henry VIII3:24
4.Morning StarBlackmore, Night4:41
6.Possum Goes to Prague (Instrumental)Blackmore1:13
7.Wind in the Willows (feat. John Ford)Alan Bell4:12
8.Gone with the Wind (Includes "Polyushko-polye" by Lev Knipper, a popular Russian song of mid-1930s.)Blackmore, Knipper, Night5:24
9.Beyond the Sunset (Instrumental)Blackmore3:45
10.March the Heroes Hometrad. by Michael Praetorius, Blackmore, Night4:39
11.Spanish Nights (I Remember It Well)trad.5:23
12.Catherine Howard's FateBlackmore, Night2:34
13.Fool's GoldBlackmore, Night3:32
14.Durch den Wald zum Bach Haus (Instrumental)Blackmore2:31
15.Now and Then (including the Prelude in C by J.S. Bach)Night3:11
16.Self Portrait (Rainbow cover)Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio3:19


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