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Lumina가 포함된 TrueOS 11.0

TrueOSFreeBSD에 기반한 유닉스 계열데스크톱운영 체제이다. iXsystems라는 회사가 개발한다. 예전에는 데스크탑 버전의 PC-BSD라는 이름과 서버 버전의 TrueOS라는 이름의 두 가지 브랜드가 있었지만 2016년 9월 1일부터 TrueOS라는 이름으로 합쳤다.[1][2]

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  2. Many are very familiar with the name PC-BSD® and may be wondering why we changed the name. Although it’s a household name for so many, the developers realized this was a time for a new name that would better convey our message. Lead developer Kris Moore had this to say: “We’ve already been using TrueOS® for the server side of PC-BSD®, and it made sense to unify the names. PC-BSD® doesn’t reflect server or embedded well. TrueOS® Desktop/Server/Embedded can be real products, avoids some of the alphabet soup, and gives us a more catchy name.”

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