Boogie (음반)

위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전.

잭슨 파이브스튜디오 음반
장르리듬 앤 블루스
레이블모타운 레코드
잭슨 파이브 연표
Destiny Boogie Triumph

Boogie》는 1979년에 발매된 잭슨 파이브의 음반이다. 모타운 레코드에 의해 발매되었다.

곡 목록[편집]

Side A
#제목작사·작곡재생 시간
1.Love's Gone Bad (Originally by Chris Clark)Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, Edward Holland, Jr.3:19
2.I Ain't Gonna Eat Out My Heart Anymore (Maybe Tomorrow sessions, originally by The Young Rascals)Laura Burton, Pam Sawyer3:00
3.ABC (Released on the group's ABC album)Berry Gordy, Jr., Alphonso Mizell, Freddie Perren, Deke Richards2:58
4.I Was Made to Love Her (Originally by Stevie Wonder, ABC sessions)Henry Cosby, Sylvia Moy, Stevie Wonder4:16
5.One Day I'll Marry You (Third Album sessions)Pam Sawyer, LaVerne Ware2:58
Side B
#제목작사·작곡재생 시간
6.Never Can Say Goodbye (Released on the group's Maybe Tomorrow album)Clifton Davis2:57
7.Oh, I've Been Bless'd (Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 sessions)Lena Manns, Frank Wilson2:50
8.Penny Arcade (Lookin' Through the Windows sessions)Mel Larson, Jerry Marcellino, Deke Richards2:41
9.Just Because I Love You (Maybe Tomorrow sessions)James W. Alexander, Willie Hutch3:14
10.Dancing Machine (Originally released on the group's Get It Together and Dancing Machine albums, though the version included here is a shorter edit than the one appearing in either album)Hal Davis, Don Fletcher, Dean Parks2:36