위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전.
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Title Header for Wikipedia:Route diagram template.



All parameters are optional.

  1. title-text: the value that appears in the title bar. It is automatically put in bold face. Defaults to "Route map" if not specified.
  2. template-name: if present, a mini {{안내바}} with "v d e" links to the route template will be displayed on the left. If the diagram is directly written in the article instead of a template, just leave it empty.
  3. background-color: 노선도의 배경색입니다. 기본 색상은 #be2d2c입니다.
  4. font-color: The color of the text font (including that in the Navbar). The default is white. If the title-text value is a link, this value won't affect the link's color. Instead, use the HTML element <span> like this:
    [[Green Line|<span style="color:white;">Green Line</span>]]
    Alternatively, use the {{LinkColor}} template.
  5. header-width: The width of a header as a fixed width or as a proportion of the width of its containing HTML element (typically, a table). The default is 100%. Tip: it is more effective to set the table width in {{Railway line header}} by applying the #1 parameter (for defining additional CSS styling).