Journey to the Centre of the Earth

위키백과, 우리 모두의 백과사전.

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Journey to the Centre of the Earth
릭 웨이크먼스튜디오 음반
장르프로그레시브 록
레이블A&M 레코드
릭 웨이크먼 연표
The Six Wives of Henry VIII Journey to the Centre of the Earth The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Journey to the Centre of the Earth》는 릭 웨이크먼의 음반이다. A&M 레코드에 의해 발매되었다.

곡 목록[편집]

전체 작곡: Rick Wakeman

Side one
#제목재생 시간
1.The Journey"/"Recollection21:20
Side two
#제목재생 시간
1.The Battle"/"The Forest18:57
#제목재생 시간
1.Preface to the Journey1:11
2.The Journey Overture2:25
3.Journey's Dawn3:38
5.The Gothic Cathedral1:07
6.A Quest for Water1:18
7.The Hansbach2:54
8.Fervent Prayer0:41
9.The Recollection2:32
10.Lost & Found0:43
12.4 Miles0:18
13.The Reunion2:40
14.A New Vista0:50
15.A World Within a World2:13
16.The Raft1:06
17.The Battle5:55
18.Cumulus Clouds0:38
19.The Storm2:01
20.The Cemetery1:28
21.Quaternary Man4:49
23.The Forest2:30
24.Ages of Man1:55
25.The Tunnel1:53
26.Hall of the Mountain King0:52
27.Mount Etna3:12
총 재생 시간:54:17
CD1 – Album Version and Bonus Track
#제목재생 시간
1.The Journey12:42
3.The Battle8:51
4.The Forest10:11
5.The Pearl and Dean Unfinished Symphony4:49
CD2 – Live in Boston 1974
#제목재생 시간
1.The Journey15:54
3.The Battle9:14
4.The Forest11:17
CD3 – Live in Buenos Aires 1993
#제목재생 시간
1.The Journey11:13
3.The Battle8:59
4.The Forest10:00
DVD-Audio – Quadraphonic and Mobile Fidelity Versions
#제목재생 시간
1.The Journey11:35
3.The Battle8:40
4.The Forest10:33
5.The Journey11:35
7.The Battle8:40
8.The Forest10:33